Boom 3D Sound Enhance Tool 1.3.4 Version 2023

Boom 3D Sound Enhance Tool 1.3.4 Version 2023

Boom 3D Sound Enhance Tool 1.3.4 Version 2023 is easily available from our software store. Boom 3D is software that can enhance the audio from any media through its 3D effects. You would not need to use expensive sound booster or headphones to enjoy your music when you play live-streaming, songs, video games, and other media.

Boom 3D Sound Enhance Tool 1.3.4 Version 2023

This is the most attractive and powerful app that is used to enhance the audio and is easily available on the Windows OS with its permanent characteristics. It makes happy you when you have the ambition to enhance your sound after every audio by bringing it to full capacity.

Boom 3D:

It has some important features like advanced equalizer presets and 3D surround sound that is helpful to change your Window 10 into the perfect sound spring by making better its audio output. This the award-winning for its enhancement features of your sound. It has a large range of working, so it can increase the overall sound quality before your speakers gain the signals.

This is the best tool in the world for enhancing sound as 30 million people use this app. When you want to hear the sound when you play videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix, songs, and games, this tool helps you to hear all these low-frequency sounds in detail. Therefore, it is mostly used by DJs, hi-fi enthusiasts, musicians, producers, and audiophiles.

History of Boom 3D:

This tool is made by Global Delight. It is starting to work in 2007. The company introduces new ideas in video, photography, and audio.  The reason behind its reputation is Vizmato, capo, and Boom 3D. It means it is one of the best media players in the digital world.

Most Advanced Highlights of Boom 3D Sound Enhancer 2023:

There are following some important features of Boom 3D are explained below:

1) Equalizer Presets:

Boom 3D uses a vast array for the Mac and Windows as an equalizer. It has 31 bands that provide support for you to improve your audio. This ensures that each frequency of the audio is in balance.

This software is packed with a set of 31 options that are used in different categories of music according to the taste of the users. You also find custom-fit equalizers from here like electronic, classical, dance, flat, hip hop, EDM, movie, and acoustic.

It helps you to provide the perfect type of playback when you want to produce music like audio mixing.  This set of equalizers changes according to your taste when the already setting of sound does not flatter you as you need. This is helping you by saving your adjustments.  This is only possible when intensity sliders allow you to play with levels of audio until you search for the perfect mix.

2)3D Surround Sound:

This is one of the most important aspects of this system and it can change sound into full-range surround sound at regular. This type of quality of sound you should find in the home theatre system or the cinema.

3D surround sound technology has great importance such as it provides you with a surround sound that blows your mind without any expensive surround speaker that enhances sound. This system improves the element’s path to producing a response with detailed frequency by using the algorithms of the computer.

You do not need to worry about adjusting the audio intensity. These kinds of settings are necessary to get a rich and entrancing sound. It is useful for any type of device that you use such as speakers, gaming headsets, laptop speakers, and earphones.

It is of great importance that you can use it on different devices. This tool works regularly. It is helpful to use to watch movies and the games. You also apply this system for your squeeze sessions as it has the features of a 3D sound music player.

3) App Volume Controller:

Boom 3D has some advanced features like a volume controller. It helps you to control your application audio volume. This is done this work properly without any disturbance when you work adjusting notifications alerts improving your volume of desktop, and playing background music.

It is also helpful for controlling the sound of different apps like Google Chrome, Spotify, Skype, Netflix, and iTunes. But this feature is not available for the Windows on Boom app.

4) Boom Volume Accelerator:

Boom 3D is the best option for those who want to enhance the volume of their sound output. This is a safe way to increase your volume to certain limits. But this is only available for the Mac and missing on the Windows app due to the understanding version of it.

This is the best tool for those who like to listen to loud sounds. When you change the volume, you do not have any type of noise that hurts you. It enhances the volume smoothly without any kind of destruction. You will listen to every detail without any misinterpretation, while you are watching a movie and playing a game. These are unique features of this software.

5) Built-in Player:

A boom music player is available if you are interested in playing songs in a row. This feature is only available when you want to use it for Android and iOS. By using Spotify, you also reach your music library and load them. You are unable to apply these Boom effects on your Apple Music tracks due to the limitations of Digital Rights Management.

6) Amazing Effects of Boom 3D:

Boom 3D has five different audio styles according to your taste and preferences other than 3D surround sound. It is available for both Mac and Windows and can completely change the way you listen to your sound with electronic effects.

There are following of the effects of boom 3D:

7) Loyalty:

This effect helps you to enjoy the tracks as same as they were recorded when you hear the sound of turntable decks. It also supports the weaker frequency band of your audio device. By using this you will be able to listen to the perfect playback.

It also checks and cleans the overall quality of sound on the same pattern. This is involved in balancing the sound and improving the audio performance as the output of sound is vibrant.

8) Spatial:

This effect helps to increase the stereo image that helps to explain the left and proper audio channels. You also become able to get a sound field at its best by using this setting.

It provides clear sound locations for hearing. Finally, it makes an easy and smooth way for detailed 3D sounds cape.

9) Ambiance:

This effect is mostly used for those who like movies and gamers. These types of filters are only used for Gamers and other who likes movies to enjoy them properly. It is all about highlighting the sound in different environments.

As a result, the stereo output provides more detail and represents famous things that are accurate to life. It also has an instrument used to enhance natural reflection also involved its part. the main purpose of this effect is on the surroundings, sound behaves just like an immersive.

10) Night Mode:

The intensity of high-volume sound may slow down due to the night mode. But it also shows some soft volume sound that is easy to hear such as breezes and whispers at the same time. Nowadays, it is available having an intensity slider that is suitable for both Mac and Windows.

11) Quality of sound:

The quality level of the sound is the main procedure when you are working with recording, manipulating, and reproducing sound. You will be able to play different five semitones with a quality of tracks by using this tool.

The quality of sound effects is used as a mechanism in this 3D audio app. Now, it is easy to match with other instruments after this.

How it is used in Radio Stations?

This app is used on your radio also. It helps you to approach over 20,000 radio stations from different 120 countries. It also makes you able to save your favorite shows on the radio by saving a radio station.

They explore part of this tool from the categories of a group of different stations such as Moods, Topics, Spotlight, shows on the air, and more.

How it is used on your Mobile?

First, you can download and use the boom for Android or iOS if you are interested in using the same immersive sound from your phone. When you use it for your phones, it does not provide you with enough features such as desktop software. Therefore, you are unable to get access to a full-blown equalizer for your sound paths.

You can manage a surround sound output for your playlist as same to the PC version. It is the best option to work with any speakers and headphones. It comes with some unique features that make it special like you can easily connect with your Spotify or Tidal account that approaches your playlist by using this app.

Is Boom 3D easy to use?

Boom 3D is known as a light and friendly software when you load the audio program with its features. There are options to buy or try the program through the websites. It takes no time to install the desktop and download.


Boom 3D Sound Enhance Tool 1.3.4 Version 2023

How to activate, install, and use Boom 3D Download?

  1. First of all, there is a need to download the exe. file of the boom3d tool from
  2. Now, you should move to the download folder and choose the file.
  3. Then open and run by few clicks.
  4. So, wait for a moment for the installation procedure.
  5. You can also use plugins, codes, keys, and more for lifetime activation.
  6. Great! you have done a smart job.
  7. Therefore, enjoy the best experience of the boom tool.

Free Download Links of Boom 3D Cracked are Here!

Setup.exe file

Password is 123

Tutorial of installation

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