MAGIX Video Pro X13 Free Latest Version

MAGIX Video Pro X13 Free Latest Version  can perform several tasks like editing, caption, merging, cutting, aligning, inserting sketches, pics, the addition of sounds, and much more.

MAGIX Video Pro X13 Free Latest Version
MAGIX Video Pro X13 Free Latest Version

No doubt, there is a lot of video editing tools in the world of software but it gets too much popularity due to its amazing features. You can earn too much money in the shape of US Dollars by making various tutorials for different fields. It has fabulous feature sharing and uploading on social accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Playit, What’s App, Instagram, Twiter, Tumbler, Medium, Blogger, Mix and etc. All listed accounts are too much famous which act as a source of income.

MAGIX Video Pro enables everyone to participate in professional video creation. Getting started with Video Pro X is considerably easier than with other professional editing software because of its well-organized interface and easy functionality. Video Pro X now has a new INFUSION Engine 3 for video editing, which enables seamless playing and cutting in real-time, even with high-resolution 8K UltraHD recordings.

Three most wanted reasons:

  1. Video Pro X makes video editing simple and allows you to get started straight away. The simple interface is easy to use and allows you to get excellent results in no time.
  2. With a variety of professional tools, you can turn any concept into a reality while making use of cutting-edge technology.
  3. The one-of-a-kind multimedia timeline allows you to handle video, audio, and graphics on the same track, giving you the most creative flexibility possible.

The Most Commonly Used Features of MAGIX Video Pro X13 2021:

  • You can complete your video production quickly, no matter how complicated it is. Enjoy a smooth workflow and cutting-edge features like flexible track management on a multi-format timeline.
  • 3- and 4-point editing, Multicam editing, and 1-click tools like “split & trim” are all available. For improving video sound, a real-time audio mixer and audio cleaning tool is provided.
  • Discover optimum color matching at the degree of detail you want, whether through comprehensive color grading using gradation curves or a quick use of lookup tables. The proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite is now included for real-time and high-precision stabilization of choppy or distorted film.
  • Video Pro X has always stood for technological advancements that go beyond the norm. Discover up to 8K UltraHD resolutions, HDR color space, and the most up-to-date film studio effects, and achieve professional results. Video editing is incredibly smooth thanks to the strong video engine, even for complicated multi-track projects.

An awesome tool

  • that is powered by MAGIX Technology. It gives beautiful look to your memories with few clicks. Memories may be photos, videos, sounds, clips, or others.
  • You can also take screenshots from videos of good quality.
  • It can edit, merge, cut, share, upload and etc by few clicks.
  • You can add captions, stickers, sketches, pics, sounds and etc.
  • Also, use a lot of filters and frames which are free from any charge.
  • The quality of the video will be maintained.
  • This is an outstanding video editing software that is used in the film, drama, animation, gaming industries.
  • Give your movies the ultimate boost with INFUSION Engine 3. The all-new INFUSION Engine 3 lets you edit even the most complicated projects in up to 8K with extremely smooth playback, and it exports your films at full GPU speed.
  • Create your own animations with ease. Directly adjusting the location and scale of video elements in the program monitor has become more versatile and straightforward. To control the center of each rotation, simply use the mouse and the rotation point.
  • You can also choose several formats for video and photos as you want.
  • Although, it is a great source of income by making a video tutorial for several fields like medical, engineering, fashion, wrestling, sports, agriculture, arts, science & more.
  • In addition, to share and upload social media by which you can earn dollars.
  • Behind this, free from all threats and viruses like junk, bugs, worms, malware, malicious contents, and much more.
  • Your privacy will be secured from hackers like IP location and IP address.
  • Suitable for all Windows (32 or 64 bit), Partitions (FAT and NTFS), Installed tools, Hardware and etc.
  • Despite, easy to activate and handle.
  • Above mentioned points show its worth and reliability that make it trustworthy in the digital world.


How to Download, Install and Activate MAGIX Video Pro Free?

  1. Firstly, download the exe-file of MAGIX Video Pro from
  2. Then, select the file and open it.
  3. Now, move on the button of install and wait for the completion of installation.
  4. After installation, you can also use keys and plugins for long-lasting use.
  5. So, you have done all steps successfully.
  6. Therefore, enjoy a lot of fun with the great experience of video editing tools.

Video Tutorial of MAGIX Video Pro X Installation

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